Win88 Ewallet Free Credit Official Claim Guide

Win88 Ewallet Free Credit Official Claim Guide

Do you play casinos quite often? Don’t you know that right now, you do not have to be in Genting or Las Vegas? You do not have to be in Genting or even fly across the ocean just to play casino games.

Want to know why? Because the internet brought us closer! You do not have to be somewhere physically just to attend a Malaysian gambling event.

This one applied too with casino games. With the internet, you could play all the online casino games, with no restrictions.

Besides, online casino games often offer more prizes than the said ‘traditional’ ones.

For example, do you want to play any slot games in Malaysia? Just search for the website provider!

In Malaysia, there are some famous website providers that offer slot games Malaysia. And these are the most recommended ones:

  1. Win88, unlimited top up with Win88 Ewallet feature;
  2. Mega888, customer service available 24 hours;
  3. Manu888, have so many options for games; and
  4. Judiking88 Ewallet, free credit every Wednesday.

Win88 is in the first ranking or the most recommended online casino games in Malaysia. But, remember, it is always up to you to decide. Whatever you desired.


Making Online Casino Games Simpler with Win88 Ewallet Transactions

Nowadays, an e-wallet is becoming one of the easiest online payment transactions.

Ewallet keeps track of all your payments. Phone bills, taxes, electrical bills, just name it.

With an e-wallet, you do not need any use a physical card or pay in cash money.

You just have to top up the debit or scan QR in your e-wallet.

They offer a paid service for your online transactions, including topping up your online casino games credit.

“How can I?” would be the first question in your head. Here are the steps:

The first thing to remember: the following steps only could be occurred in Win88.

Because, for now, just their site that could functionally operate with the Ewallet system.

As they called it the “Win88 Ewallet” feature, they managed to spread the news that Win88 succeeds in connecting their site with the Ewallet system.

  1. First, go log in or sign up (if you do not have a Win88 account before)
  2. Second, click “Top Up”
  3. Third, click “Win88 Ewallet Top Up”
  4. Choose your preferred Ewallet to be connected to
  5. Go to your Ewallet account to active Win88 Ewallet feature
  6. Congratulations, your Win88 account had been successfully linked to your Ewallet account.


Win88 Ewallet Free Credit Claim Method

Once you are using the Win88 Ewallet feature, and your Win88 account had been successfully linked to your Ewallet account,

You could easily get free credit. How? The step is so simple: you just have to be a platinum member.

Once you are a loyal platinum member, Win88 would give free credit to your Ewallet, with no additional terms and conditions.

Here are the steps to become a platinum member at Win88:

1) Blue member

Blue member is those members that just signed up for a Win88 account.

2) Silver Member

Silver member is those online betting players who play for three months period.

3) Gold Member

Gold Member is those online betting players who play for six months period.

4) Platinum Member

Platinum member is those online betting players who constantly play for one year period.

So, Win88 is making a solid ranking to its members based on their online betting activities for a specific period of time.

You just have to make sure that you are one of their valuable loyal platinum members.

The reason why they are giving away Win88 wallet free credit for the platinum members is as a gratitude symbol.


Win88 Ewallet Conclusion

As digitalization evolves, right now, there are many options for online slot games in Malaysia.

They offer many unique features and a variety of Malaysian gambling games.

By now, you even could top up your credit by using Ewallet transactions.

Yes, you heard them right.

By now, you could top up your online casino games’ credit with e-wallet transactions.

But the feature is recently only available for Win88’s site.

Quick easy steps: (1) log in to your Win88 account, (2) Click the top-up feature, (3) Choose the “Win88 Ewallet” feature, (4) go to your Ewallet account to activate the feature.

As now your Win88 account is connected to your Ewallet account, you could get free credit.

The free credit is only can be requested by Win88’s loyal platinum members.

Win88 ranks its members by login and online betting activities. These are the ranks:

  1. Blue, is a newbie at online betting. Just sign up for an account.
  2. Silver is a rocket newbie. Active in playing online poker games for three months.
  3. Gold is a trusted member. Active in playing online poker games for six months.
  4. Platinum is a loyal member. Active in playing online poker games for one year.


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