Best 6 Win88 Free Credit Types For Beginner Claim

Best 6 Win88 Free Credit Types For Beginner Claim

Do you know that Win88 is the biggest slot game in Malaysia?

Used to run locally only on-site at Genting, Malaysia but due to Covid 2019 pandemic, they evolve to an online setting.

Becoming the number 1 slot game in Malaysia according to Malaysian Weekly in 2021.

Still growing and trying hard to accommodate all members’ needs.

They are having so many features on their sites, including:

1) Free Credit

Similar to XE88 free credit, Win88 Free Credit Feature is Win88’s key feature.

They are giving away free credit in one term only: turn on the camera while playing slot games.

The slot games are up to you to choose. They do not require any specific kind of slot game.

2) Free Spin

We know by now, most online casino games in Malaysia are doing the Free Spin feature.

But Win88 Free Spin is none like the other.

They are giving away free spins almost every day! How would you not recognize this feature before?

You could get a free spin while login their site at peak hours and completing one game.

Whatever game you choose.

Join their site now! They would be so delighted to have newcomers.


How to Claim Win88 Free Credit for Beginners?

For now, you already know that Win88 Free Credit is Win88’s key feature.

The big question mark is: what are the steps needed to claim the free credit?

How are you going to win and claim the free credit?

  1. First, you have to have a steady internet connection. Make sure the bugs are not your fault. Consider preparing internet connection alternatives.
  2. Second, log in through Win88’s site
  3. Third, you will see a pop-up message asking “allow turn on the camera?” then click allow. And you will see a green camera icon at the top right. That is the sign that the camera is on while you are playing slot games.
  4. Fourth, Play and enjoy the slot games.
  5. Fifth, after playing some games and wanting to call a break, click on the green camera icon. You will notice a pop-up message displaying “stop the recording?”, then click yes.
  6. The camera is turned off and your balance has been topped up automatically.

Make your money works for you. No more exhausting and boring job.


How to Get More Free Credit at Win88?

The Win88 Free Credit is so fine. But what if you are craving more free credit?

Here are some tips and tricks to ‘hack’ the system and get more free Win88 Free credit

Look carefully and apply all the treads.

  1. Go through the previous section to know the steps on how to get a free credit. Do not forget the steps. Failing to do the steps, will impact not getting any free credit.
  2. Play a slot game for a minimum length of 1 hour nonstop.
  3. By doing step number 2, you will double the Win88 Free Credit.
  4. Multiply the length of hours all you want. And the more free credit you will get.


You play for 1 hour: you will get 2 x 1 (hour) x 1 Free Credit

You play for 3 hours: you will get 2 x 3 (hour) x 1 Free Credit


How to Win Big at Win88?

Win88 provides two main features you could enjoy while playing slot games.

The two main features are Win88 Free Credit and Win88 Free Spin.

You are not just playing with your own money; you could win big too.

You could duplicate 1 dollar into 20 dollars in just one day!

The question is: how can you win big at Win88?

Here are the leaked secrets to winning big at Win88. Grab a pen and take some notes!

  1. Maximize the Free Credit feature. This is their key feature. Go seek subsections 1, 2, and 3 in this article for some reminders on how to boost the feature
  2. It is easy to do the Free Spin feature. You just have to play one game during peak hours.

The definition of ‘peak hours’ is around 7.00 am, 10 am, 05.00 pm, and 07.00 pm.

Do not forget that you have to complete one slot game during those peak hours.

  1. Double the prize by login into many devices. Login and sync your account via your phone, tablet, chơi xóc đĩa online, laptop, or PC. As much as you registered and sync all the devices you have got, you could double up your prizes.



Many people know that Win88 is a sweetheart in Malaysia.

Similar to the Twcbet casino platform, they come with so many options for slot games. And offer some great deals too.

They got two main features that could be collaborated with: Win88 Free Credit and Win88 Free Spin.

You could use the Win88 Free Credit by turning on your camera while playing your games.

You could even double the bonus by playing for a minimum length of 1 hour, or more.

Do not forget the Win88 Free Spin feature. Of course, this is not the key feature. But it still produces some bucks in your pockets.

It is super easy to use the Win88 Free Spin feature: you just have to play and complete a game during peak hours.

To maximize every feature, you could log in and sync your Win88 account through every device that you have.

Win88 is an online browser game, you do not have to download the game through your devices. Besides, it is free.