Judiking Casino Promotions vs Win88 Casino Promotions

Judiking Casino Promotions vs Win88 Casino Promotions

Nowadays, there are many online casinos available in mobile versions.

Most of these online casinos share some similarities, which include their games and promotions.

For example, you can play some specific online casino games, which you can find on other platforms.

Most of these online casino platforms provide promotions for their users.

For example, Judikiss918, uBet77, and Mega888 online casinos do provide unique promotions as well.

However, there are some clear distinctions between these online casino platforms.

You can find different promotions available on these different online casino platforms.

Hence, users need to be clear about the promotions provided on different online casino platforms.

In this article, we will be sharing the promotions in Judiking Casino Promotions and Win88 Casino.

Judiking Casino and Win88 Casino are both well-known Malaysian online casino that attracts a lot of users.

If you are new to online casino platforms, then you will need to be aware of these promotions.


Judiking Casino Promotions

If you are new to Judiking, then you might be wondering whether Judiking is worth the time.

It is best that the new users are aware of the promotions before deciding to sign up for an account.

Judiking casino platform is quite flashy, displaying various promotions, bonuses, offers, and features.

There are a few options available to showcase the different payment methods.

Here are some of the promotions in Judiking Casino:

1) Judiking Collection Resit

Players are able to enjoy collection resit through angpao in different levels.

Each level has a different amount of ringgit Malaysia for users.

There is another collection resit which the players can enjoy a weekly collection bonus.

The amount of money that the users can enjoy reaches over a hundred ringgit in Malaysia.

2) Judiking Free Credit Bonus

Moreover, users are able to enjoy a free credit bonus, such as the free credit RM5 Mega888.

Users have a chance to collect these credit bonuses when they credit their money in Judiking.

3) Judiking Sportsbook Bonus

One of the games in Judiking that provides a welcome bonus is Sportsbook.

Sportbook offers a daily or unlimited bonus for their users when they play the game.

4) Welcome Bonus

Judiking also provides a welcome bonus for their users.

The amount of this bonus can reach up to fifty percent for their users.

5) Judiking Sign Up Bonus

Judiking gives a sign-up bonus for their users once they sign up for the platform.

The bonus is in gift format, so the players will not be able to know the amount before signing up.

However, the amount for a sign-up bonus can reach thousands of ringgit.

Judiking offers these promotions for their players to have a fun experience on their platform.

Players should make sure they register and log in to their Judiking account before enjoying these promotions.


Win88 Casino Promotion

Win88 Casino also offers its own promotion for its users.

Here are promotions in Win88 Online Casino:

1) 50% Bonus for New Players

One of the promotions includes a fifty percent bonus for new players.

This bonus can be claimed once upon registration and is available on first deposits of thirty Malaysian ringgit or more.

Players can use this bonus for up to a few hundred Malaysian ringgits and only play slot machines.

2) 150% Welcome Bonus

Moreover, Win88 offers a one hundred and fifty percent welcome bonus for new users.

New users are able to enjoy this promotion once they sign up for Win88.

You can also find this promotion in other online casinos, such as 918kiss, 918kaya, Mega888, and Playboy2.

3) 50% Live Casino Welcome Bonus

Apart from that, the live casino in Win88 also provides a fifty percent welcome bonus.

Users can enjoy this welcome bonus when they start betting on the live casino.

4) 100% Sportsbook Welcome Bonus

Another game in Win88 that also provides a welcome bonus is Sportsbook.

Sportbook offers a one hundred percent welcome bonus for new users to enjoy their first experience in playing Sportsbook.

5) Free Angpao Everyday

Win88 also provides free angpao every day for its users.

Users need to share the Win88 platform with others every day.

Then, they will be able to get free angpao every day.

However, it has its own terms and conditions.

All free credit withdrawals require minimum turnover and receive ten percent of the total winning.

6) Midnight Special Bonus

Win88 also offers new promotion, which is their midnight top-up bonus.

When users top up their accounts at midnight, they will be able to enjoy another bonus.

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These are the different promotions in Judiking and Win88 online casinos.

Users can compare these promotions and choose the one that they like.

Hence, users would need to know the promotions before joining any online casino platform.

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